1. Not just for reporters, this is a great resource to learn the basics about Islamic issues, terminology and even hate crime data.

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    "I" Is For Innovation: Sesame Street’s Secrets For Staying Relevant

    While content is key, the medium through which ideas are communicated is also important. There is a wing of the Workshop called the Innovation Lab that focuses on staying at the forefront of emerging technology and thinking about how each new device that hits the market can be used to help children learn. In fact, Sesame Street’s tech experts are often speakers at the Consumer Electronic Show. Parente tells me that developers hardly ever think about preschoolers, so by partnering with technologists early on, they are able to adapt new technologies to meet children’s needs. “The great thing is that when they perfect that technology, we’re right there about to have products that can launch.”

    This is so cool that Sesame Street does this. No wonder they’ve stayed relevant all these years. It makes you wonder how many media outlets would be facing obsolescence if they had done the same thing. 

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    "Relax.  When the "Libs" call us names like that it really means they think we’re rugged, masculine, virile.  Like these new Hush Puppies."—1971 (via SenseiAlan on Flickr)

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  7. Buckled in and ready for takeoff. Next stop… witsradio show in PDX.

  9. yep.

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  10. I was running some witsradio videos through an automated gif maker for work, and this was one of the artifacts.

    I love the rhythmic contrast between the calm and lovely hoganhere on the right and everything else that moves.

  12. My dash just did a thing.

  13. Yale’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences has just made a map of 170,000  Library of Congress photos, shot between 1935-1945.

    These are 4 from my home county.

    This is a beautiful visualization of an amazing archive and you will literally lose hours of your life in it.



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  15. Buster Keaton listening to his voice, late 1920’s
    John Springer Collection, Corbis

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